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Kunal Puri 

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Janitorial Services


Hi! I'm Kunal Puri,
a Founder of  Janitorial Services

Houston Texas

Kunal Puri moved to Texas from India in hopes of a better life for his family. Even though he knew that he needed to improve his family's financial situation, he always focused on helping his clients. He saw that he possessed a unique combination of talents that could benefit residents of the surrounding Texas area, so he founded Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. Examined the business and recognized that there was a more efficient approach to delivering cleaning services. He transformed the approach, surrounded himself with the appropriate people, and built his business on honesty and transparency.

The area surrounding Houston, Texas, is rapidly growing, and many of the area's businesses require dependable cleaning services to make a favorable impression on their employees, business partners, and clients. That is precisely where Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has made its mark. Kunal is the founder and CEO of one of the region's most well-known janitorial service companies, delivering excellent cleaning services to various organizations in various industries. By always putting the client's needs first, Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has become one of the industry's gold standards, ensuring that each client's needs are addressed.

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